New Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

New Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving, and new applications are emerging that allow incredible things to be achieved.

Sometimes we can feel certain vertigo when verifying the growing expansion of this technology and the advances that have been taking place in recent times.

One of the most debated issues lately in the technological field is the one referred to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in conversational chats.

These are Artificial Intelligences designed to hold conversations and answer anything you ask them with great precision.

In this post, we will highlight the two most talked about AI examples in recent weeks and months: ChatGPT and Bard.

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1. ChatGPT

It is undoubtedly the best-known AI-trained chat system created by the OpenAI company.

This company is best known for its DALL-E 2 AI system, which can generate realistic images based on a description written in natural language.

This system creates an image based on our written description, with often surprising results.

Therefore, it is a company with experience creating AI systems with very positive results.

In the case of ChatGPT, there is talk that it will revolutionize the Internet and the way we use search engines.

What makes this technology special is that its answers are much more in-depth, complete and accurate than what we have been getting.

This information is presented to you with a very natural language, which sometimes makes it very difficult to distinguish if it is a text generated by an AI or by a person of flesh and blood.

He can do research work for us on a particular topic, writing us a script or texts.

We have to give it some guidelines and choose a specific topic; the results can be very surprising.

He stands out above all for his speed in generating answers and his ability to understand complicated facts and questions.

Likewise, it can understand the context of the conversation you have had to give you the appropriate answers.

Because it’s based on machine learning, it will learn over time through the different requests our users make.

Therefore, it is also up to us and how we request the information that this technology advances and becomes more and more perfect.

If you want to try it first hand, you can enter its official website and create an account ( ).

Recently, Microsoft announced that it would use this technology in its Bing search engine, which has caused all kinds of reactions in the technological world.

Microsoft has included a conversational system within its browser using this technology.

According to the North American company, some improvements we will achieve will be a better search, more complete and precise answers, and a new chat experience.

You have a previous version available for testing at .

In addition to Microsoft, other companies such as Opera have announced that they will use this AI system in their browser.

2.Google Bard

This is Google’s response to Microsoft’s announcement about using ChatGPT in its Bing search engine.

Google has seen its dominant position in search engines in jeopardy for the first time and has announced the use of Bard technology in response to ChatGPT.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has announced that it will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

This Google conversational AI tool is based on LaMDA, an experimental language model designed by the search engine company for dialogue applications.

You will be able to obtain more complex and precise answers in an orderly, classified and explained way so that anyone can understand them.

The advantage of Bard is that it has access to the millions of pages indexed in Google when it comes to generating current and more accurate answers to our questions.

Another difference is found in the fact that Bard will always be connected to the network, while the current version of ChatGPT is not.

As we can see, AI is taking on major importance in the future of the Internet, and all significant technology companies want to be included.

Of course, being a technology that is taking its first steps, it still makes mistakes, and you can find bugs.

Being in a testing period, we can only blindly trust everything it says, but the margin of error in the future may be almost nonexistent.

The biggest fear this technology can cause is that it will replace certain people to carry out specific tasks, which can cause the loss of jobs.

But, as we know, technological innovations are constant and inevitable, and only the future will dictate their success or failure.

We will have to wait to find out the path that these new technologies follow and their possible effects, both positive and negative.

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