The Best Free Applications To Learn English

The Best Free Applications To Learn English

Language learning has become an increasingly popular activity around the world, and thanks to technology, it is now more accessible than ever. English has become an almost mandatory language for talent who today, thanks to the positioning of on-demand and remote work, are part of a global workforce that does not recognize borders or nationalities. Competition has never been so fierce, and today, professionals can work for companies anywhere in the world without leaving their homes. But for this, mastery of English is an essential requirement.

Luckily, numerous digital applications offer free courses to help you learn a new language. These platforms offer various resources, from interactive lessons to practice tools and online communities to connect with native speakers. In this article, we will recommend the best free apps for learning languages, specifically English:


Duolingo is one of the most popular applications to learn English. It offers free courses in several languages, such as English, French, and Spanish, as well as lesser-known languages, such as Esperanto or Scottish Gaelic. This app uses a gamified approach that turns learning into a fun experience. Users can complete interactive lessons, perform translation exercises, practice writing skills, and speak with chatbots to improve their fluency.


HelloTalk is a unique app that allows students to practice their language skills with native speakers worldwide. This connects users according to the languages ​​they want to learn and teach. You can chat with native speakers, make voice calls, share audio messages and receive corrections in real-time.HelloTalk encourages language immersion and provides the opportunity to practice with real people.


Memrise focuses on helping you learn vocabulary effectively. Use spaced repetition techniques and visual associations to help you remember words and phrases in different languages. Memrise offers a wide variety of courses created by experts and users, ensuring plenty of content and options.


Busuu is an online learning platform offering free courses in 12 languages. This is community-based, meaning you can practice your language skills with native speakers. In addition to interactive lessons, Busuu also provides writing exercises and audio recordings to improve pronunciation.


OpenCulture is an online platform that compiles various free language learning resources. On their website, you can find links to free online courses, podcasts, videos, and teaching materials in multiple languages. This platform is ideal for those who prefer a diverse selection of resources for their learning.

If you’re ready to take your English learning to the next level and unlock a world of possibilities, we recommend DigiSpeak. While we’ve explored a variety of free apps on this blog, we understand that you may be looking for a more personalized and advanced approach to honing your language skills specifically for the world of work.DigiSpeak allows you to take specific work language courses and speak English live while you learn.

Below, we list some of the advantages of learning English virtually:

  • Accessibility and flexibility: Language learning apps are available on mobile devices, meaning you can study anytime, anywhere. This flexibility allows you to adapt your learning to your schedule and pace of life.
  • Interactive resources: Language teaching apps usually offer lessons, exercises and games, making learning more entertaining and engaging. These features help maintain your motivation and commitment over time.
  • Immediate feedback: Many applications provide instant real-time feedback on your progress and corrections. This lets you quickly identify your mistakes and improvement areas, speeding up your learning and helping you move forward more effectively.
  • Personalized approach: Some apps offer initial assessments to determine your English level and then adapt the content and lessons based on your needs and abilities. This guarantees more personalized learning aimed at your individual goals.
  • Ideal for beginners: the apps are perfect for those just beginning to get involved with English. They can learn the basic vocabulary and acquire general language knowledge.

Apps have revolutionized the way we learn languages. Now, anyone can access quality resources, learn at their own pace, and easily practice language skills. With the numerous applications available, you can start learning English right now. Whether you prefer structured lessons, practising with native speakers, or simply immersing yourself in authentic content, these tools will give you the resources you need to achieve your language goals. So take advantage of these options and choose the ones that best suit you!

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